Merlo MF 40.7 ploughs a new furrow for the material handler concept


The British Ploughing Championships in Austrey, Warwickshire provided visitors with the opportunity to see the full potential of the new Merlo MultiFarmer MF 40.7. Mike Whiting met up with Robert Weaver, Sales Executive with local dealer Cooks (Midlands) Ltd to understand what goes on beneath the green livery.

A standard five furrow Kverneland reversible plough, set to 15 inches width, turning soil over to a depth of 10 inches provided the ideal test implement. The 8700kg of Italian muscle draws its power from a 170hp Iveco engine, specified to Stage IV emissions with AdBlue and a diesel particulate filter. In addition the CVT hydraulic transmission with back to back hydraulic pumps maximises torque delivery through to the final drives. Robert explained that the rear axle can be locked, whilst the front assembly can remain in float mode, effectively replicating a standard tractors profile. The Cat III linkage is robust in design and the rugged frame construction ensures that any coupling load is absorbed across the Multifarmers wheelbase, and not concentrated at the rear. Just to cover all arable and livestock operations a 540 / 1000 rpm PTO is also included as standard, with three double acting spools, and a pick-up hitch.

With a 1600kg weight block attached to the boom, the MF40.7 took on the challenge of the hilly terrain, after a heavy rainfall, producing an excellent surface finish with no evidence of wheel slip.

As for comfort in operation, the full command arm provides ease of control for the MF 40.7’s  movement and implement functionality. Coupled with the cab suspension, air conditioning and 40kph road speed capability ensures the Merlo MultiFarmer 40.7 justifies its existence in the farm machinery fleet.

Congratulations to the team at Cooks Midlands who deservedly received the award for the best demonstration plot at the event.


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