Michelin acquires PTG and Téléflow


Michelin has announced the acquisition of PTG and Téléflow, both industry leaders in tyre pressure control systems which allow users to monitor and adapt tyre pressures according to the terrain and conditions of use. These acquisitions signal Michelin’s intention to become the global leader for CTIS* in the agricultural market.

Michelin say the move will enable them to help maximise the agronomic and economic performance of farmers whilst protecting their most precious asset, the soil. It also heralds the transition of Michelin Agriculture from simply manufacturing agricultural tyres to being a total solutions provider for all aspects around and beyond the tyre’s interaction with the ground.

PTG was founded in 1991 by Martin Tigges and employs 12 people at its headquarters in Neuss, Germany, where they manufacture and sell tyre inflation systems for vehicles and trailers.

Well known for the AIRBOX/ mobil system for inflation, axle by axle on stationary vehicles, PTG have also developed the RDS system which brings fully automated pressure adjustment to vehicles whilst on the move. Asked about the acquisition joint PTG CEO, Peter Tigges said: “I am delighted that PTG have found a partner in Michelin that shares our passion for innovation, technology and customer service.”

Established in 1993 by Stéphane Fazekas, Téléflow is based in Roanne, France, and employs 39 people who design, manufacture and sell tyre pressure control systems. These allow pressures to be adapted according to the terrain by the use of special patented valves. As one of the leaders in central tyre inflation systems, Téléflow is the biggest supplier of tyre pressure control systems to the military sector and has a close collaboration with many OE manufacturers.

The company’s best known product allows users to select the terrain and load being transported; the in-motion control system automatically adapts the tyre pressures to the conditions on the move. Téléflow CEO, Guillaume Fazekas commented: “Having developed pressure control systems for over 20 years, the possibility to work alongside Michelin to bring industry leading products and systems to market is an amazing opportunity.”

*CTIS = Central Tyre Inflation Systems.


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