New 6 Series tractor range from Deutz-Fahr


Deutz-Fahr’s new 6 Series comprises of 12 models ranging from 156 to 226 HP, available in two platform variants, three transmission types, two cabin configurations with different comfort levels, and various other feature options.

Deutz-Fahr claim the most distinctive feature of the new 6 Series is the transmission concept. The new 6 Series Powershift models offer a manual transmission with 5
mechanical gear speeds plus 6 Powershift steps forward and 3 reverse (total number of speeds 30 + 15, with creeper: 54 + 27).

The RCshift models feature a fully automatic transmission with 5 robotised gear speeds plus 6 Powershift steps forward and 3 reverse (total number of speeds 30 + 15, with creeper: 54 + 27).

Gear shifting is taken to a new level thanks to the intelligent adaptive transmission management, which means the tractor adapts to the operator. The highest level of shifting comfort is offered by the stepless transmission in the TTV models. Their speed range extends from 0.2 Km/h to 40Km/h or 50 Km/h, and they now feature new software for even more efficient driving.

All transmission types will reach 40 or 50 Km/h maximum speed at reduced engine speeds, thus saving on fuel. Deutz-Fahr say all transmissions are easy to operate, simple to programme and easy to monitor via the on-board displays. They each offer the latest technology and precision farming systems, equating to an extremely efficient working system and farmers and contractors can choose the level of gear shift technology they want.

There is also great cabin comfort. The new bright and user-friendly MaxiVision
series cab gives visibility in all directions, working environment and ease of use. The InfoCentrePro on the dashboard features a five-inch colour display, providing the driver with a stream of data on the tractor’s operating conditions. It offers maximum convenience in terms of settings and information.

The new Deutz 6.1 Stage 4 (Tier4 Final) engine offers a higher reserve torque, starts with a higher torque and, at the same time, reduces fuel consumption and AdBlue, which has been reduced by 5% compared to the previous models. The efficiency is also supported by the Electronic Visco fan and the new cooling system.

The Anti-dive system ensures stability and safety during transport. Deutz-Fahr say the 6 Series is the only standard tractor that is fitted with high performance dry disc brakes on the front axle (6205 and 6215 TTV). In combination with the Booster brake system, it gives maximum braking performance with the lightest pedal pressure.

The hydraulic technology of the new 6 Series was previously only available in a higher hp performanc class.. Now, there are up to five hydraulic valves in the rear and two in the front, with all hydraulic valves controlled proportionally. The position-controlled front lift with up to 5480 kg lifting capacity and the ISOBUS plug in the front are also new. The rear lifting capacity goes up to 10000 kg. The optional LS hydraulic pumps deliver up to 170 L/min.

The new 6 Series can be factory-fitted with the most advanced precision farming
technology. The features of the central monitoring and control unit are unique, as are its dimensions: the iMonitor 2.0 has a screen size of up to 12″.



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