New 7m model in Lemken Rubin compact disc range


Lemken has launched a number of new cultivation products for next season, including a completely updated Heliodor disc harrow, a new Karat 12 cultivator, ISOBUS control for its Juwel mounted ploughs and a draft adjustment system for its Diamant semi-mounted ploughs.

The Heliodor 9 now features larger 510mm discs, 45mm broader than those previously fitted, which are set at a 16.5-degree angle. The diameter increase boosts maximum working depth by 2cm, to 140mm. Hydraulic working depth adjustment is now optional, and new 4.5m and 7.0m models have been added to the range, which is now also headed by a new 16m model. Meanwhile, there’s also now a new 7m model in the Rubin compact disc range.

The new 4-7m Karat 12 is designed for shallow cultivation and deeper work down to 300mm, says the maker. Based on a chassis featuring four rows of tines with an inter-tine distance of 23cm, the cultivator can be fitted with eight different tine types. A ContourTrack option helps the cultivator maintain consistent working depth in hilly terrain.

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There is now a new 7m model in Lemken’s Rubin compact disc range.


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