New AD-P Super ISOBUS power harrow drill combination


LAMMA 2016 will see the launch of Amazone’s new new high-speed AD-P Super ISOBUS combination, which is available in 3.0 or 4.0 metre working widths, and with a base hopper of 1,500 l that can be increased to 2,000 l.

Electric metering now comes as standard, as it does on the Special, and features the same new blower fan that is seen on the Cirrus 03 trailed drills. The new blower fan runs much quieter and requires a fraction of the oil needed from the out-going model meaning both more comfort and less tractor power required.

Speed source is either via radar, guide wheel, GPS or tractor source and is all controlled by a choice of either AMADRILL+ or ISOBUS. Calibration on either can be done at the press of a button in the cab. On the ISOBUS models, the new Comfort-Pack TwinTerminal 3.0 is available which offers a secondary terminal down at the metering roller so that all the calibration procedure can be done from ground-level. TwinTerminal 3.0 is held magnetically to the hopper and can be placed away in a safe position once the calibration procedure is finished.

The new RoTeC pro coulter is also now an option for the AD-P Super. Designed specifically to cope with the faster drilling speeds being employed today by farmers, the coulter, with a new seed entry pipe and furrow former, offers a radically improved seed placement and, with a new coulter pivot bearing, increasing longevity.



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