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Pöttinger is adding a new machine to its range of seedbed preparation tools, increasing the choice of tillage equipment. The latest addition to the range is the FOX 300, 350 und 400 compact combination for seedbed preparation, designed especially for use in light to medium soils. Depending on the level of trash or harvest residues the FOX can be configured with tines or with discs. Pottinger say the compact combo is a really cost effective alternative to the power harrow, smooth running and efficient with a wide range of applications.

Because it can be combined with a VITASEM or AEROSEM seed drill, the FOX is a talented all rounder that can be used as the basis for a cost effective 3 point mounted mulch drill combination. Seed drills are generally mounted above the packer roller or on the tractor’s rear hitch. An optional edging plate prevents side ejection. The range of rear rollers available is the same as for LION power harrows, versatile and equipped to handle all soil conditions. Optimum packing effect is guaranteed as a result.

The FOX is available with a working width of 3, 3,5 and 4,0 m and can be fitted with harrow tines (FOX) or discs (FOX D). The open design of the short and compact frame provides easy access to the tillage tools so it is easy to adapt the configuration to any tractor. In addition, less diesel is consumed thanks to its low drag resistance.

The headstock can be adapted to a wide range of tractor models using three position lower linkage lugs. Two top link positions are provided.

For light soils with low levels of harvest residues, the FOX 300 is recommended with 2 gangs of 45 x 12 mm harrow tines. The gang spacing is 320 mm, while the tools are 155 mm apart. The tines can be mounted in either an aggressive or trailing position. Three positions are available: +20 degrees, 0 degrees and -20 degrees. This is critical for responding to the current soil conditions in ensuring optimum seedbed preparation. Optional equipment includes a front levelling board, a 380 mm diameter cage drum roller for optimum depth control and additional packing, or track eradicators as an alternative.

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