New Galileo AgriCup tyre debut


Galileo Wheel, developers of next generation farming and construction equipment, are due to launch their new Galileo AgriCup tyre this spring – comprised of the very latest in tyre technology, the AgriCup combines the benefits of rubber tracks and radial tyres for large tractors and combines, giving you more flexibility and promoting better soil health.

The Galileo Wheel tyre’s unique V-shape geometry provides a built-in mechanism against sidewall punctures. Unlike the thin and flexible sidewalls of a conventional tyre, the Galileo AgriCup tyre’s flexibility allows the tyre to bulge inward, significantly reducing the risk of puncture. This, combined with the run flat capability, means there’s no chance of work being held up.

The Galileo AgriCup makes soil a priority. With its larger footprint, the AgriCup offers better traction and accuracy while minimising ground pressure. This directly reduces soil compaction, increasing nutrient availability and boosting yields.  The AgriCup doesn’t just offer a more comfortable ride; it offers a more profitable one.

“The AgriCup represents a new performance benchmark for large tractors and combines,” said Avishay Novoplanski, CupWheel inventor and Chief Technology Officer at Galileo Wheel. “Advanced technology means we can now offer a tyre that makes work easier and more profitable – without needing to be at the mercy of poor weather conditions.”

The “accordion shape” of Galileo AgriCup tyres fit seamlessly over standard tire rims, with no need to modify or adjust any aspect of your existing machinery.

“Galileo have created a lot of excitement due to our focus on user experience and pushing the limits of tyre technology,” added Rami Einav, Marketing & Sales Director at Galileo Wheel. “The AgriCup delivers on all fronts. This is a significant step forward, allowing large tractors and combines to promote better soil protection and deliver higher yields, all in more comfort and with increased durability.”

For large tractor and combine operators who want to achieve more profitable yields and drive better soil management the Galileo AgriCup Tyre delivers unparalleled results, without needing to change your existing machinery setup.

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