New generation AXION 900 and ARION 600/50 ranges


CLAAS has announced the introduction of a new generation of the high horsepower AXION 900 range and the ARION 600 and 500 range.
In both instances, both ranges include the addition of a new higher powered model. The new AXION 960 has a power output of 445hp and the new ARION 660 has a boosted power output of 205hp, so filling the gap between the current ARION 600 and AXION 800 range.
Both ranges feature the latest engine technology with increases in torque and reductions in fuel capacity. Both models benefit from the new CEBIS Touch Screen terminal and three versions of the ARION 600 & 500 are also now available with the introduction of the new CIS+ control option, which is also available on the AXION 800. This gives a ‘halfway house’ option between the current CIS and CEBIS systems, and so makes available functions such as electronic spool valves and the CMATIC CVT transmission, but without all the features incorporated into the CEBIS control system.
The ARION 600/500 range also features a new CLAAS designed PROACTIVE suspended front axle which provides improved ride comfort but with just four grease points is far simpler to maintain that the current suspended axle.



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