New grain and fertiliser version of Express KR


The Express KR is now available as a Grain & Fertiliser version with pressurised grain and fertiliser tanks. The hopper capacity is increased to 2,000 litres enabling one tonne of seed and one tonne of fertiliser to fit easily. This new addition makes Horsch the only brand in the UK to offer grain and fertiliser application on every drill model.

In addition to the Pronto and Sprinter drills, the latest Express KR expands the company’s range of grain and fertiliser drills to offer this establishment technique in all drill sectors. Even under difficult conditions, the Express KR allows for an intensive seedbed preparation and the application of fertiliser at the time of drilling gives crops the best start.

The Express KR power harrow and drill combination, first shown at LAMMA 2016, is available in 3m, 3.5m and 4m working widths. The mounted machine features the proven drill components of the Pronto model integrated with a powerful 10-rotor Kredo power harrow.

The drill features hydraulic rams to control sowing depth and is controlled by the Horsch terminal, which is ISOBUS compatible. The frame of the Express KR is designed in such a way that the working depth of the power harrow does not influence the sowing depth.

The Express KR uses the TurboDisc 2 seed coulters to precisely follow the soil surface for consistent seed depth. Four rubber dampers per coulter transfer a coulter pressure of up to 120 kg and guarantee a smooth coulter control even at high speeds. The TurboDisc seed coulters can be lifted completely on the hydraulic rams allowing the Kredo rotary harrow to work on its own or even uncoupled completely from the drill via four fixing points.

The compact and stable design sees the seed hopper located close to the tractor enabling tractors from 150hp to handle the machine with ease. A number of packer options are available.



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