New Holland Agriculture sets world record for most soybean harvested within eight hours with CR8.90 combin


New Holland Agriculture has set a new world record by harvesting a massive 439.730 tonnes of soybean in eight hours with the CR8.90 combine harvester. The record-breaking performance, which took place in the Bahia State of Brazil, was certified by independent adjudicator RankBrasil.

“By setting the world record for harvesting over 439 tonnes of soybean, the CR8.90 is following in the footsteps of the CR10.90, world record title holder in wheat since 2014,” commented Lars Sørensen, Head of Harvesting Product Management. “The CR8.90 delivered this outstanding performance in exceptionally high yield crop: 4,886 kg/ha, far above the average 3,600 kg that is the norm in Brazil. The records set by the two models demonstrate the exceptional capacity and productivity of the CR Series combines.”

The record was set on April 5, 2017 at the Villa Panambi farm belonging to the Mingori Brothers, in the Bahia State of Brazil, with the support of their dealer Jaraguá Bahia, based in nearby Luiz Eduardo Magalhães City.

On record setting day, moisture was high due to 20mm rain at 5:00 am, and temperature ranged from 25 to 28 degrees Celsius. Harvesting started at 10:30 am and finished at 18:30 pm, having harvested approximately 90 hectares. The CR8.90’s average throughput was 54.97 tonnes/hour in a crop yielding an average of 4.88 tonnes/h and an average moisture content of 17%. The record-setting performance was achieved using just 1.84 litres of fuel per tonne of soybean harvested.

The entire performance was overseen and verified by an official adjudicator from

New Holland say the CR8.90 follows on the footsteps of the CR10.90, which proved it is the world’s highest capacity combine when it captured the worldrRecord for harvesting an impressive 797.656 tonnes of wheat in eight hours in 2014 – a title it holds to this day.

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