New Lemken straw harrow at Agritechnica


Lemken is launching a self-regulating straw harrow for semi-mounted models that delivers a substantially better distribution of harvest residue across field surfaces at Agritechnica. Compact disc harrows produce an excellent mixing effect and have long become established as reliable implements for speedy stubble cultivation at shallow to medium depth.

With ever wider header units, combine harvesters have come to leave straw unevenly distributed on the fields, and while compact disc harrows incorporate the straw well into soil, their system design does not enable them to improve longitudinal straw distribution. As a consequence, harvest residue rots slowly and unevenly in places, which may impact negatively on the development of the next crop.

The new Lemken straw harrow, which is mounted in front of the first row of discs of semi-mounted compact disc harrows, is a solution to this problem. The function of the straw harrow is straightforward: when the implement is lowered, it swivels towards the front in the working position until the hydraulic system reaches a pre-set pressure. This ensures that unevenly distributed straw volumes are collected during the pass. As the straw volume increases, so do the resistance and consequently the pressure. Once the pre-set value has been reached, the straw harrow gradually opens towards the rear. The straw is distributed in the implement in a controlled manner and then incorporated homogeneously by the discs. This ensures that subsequent crops can be sown in mulch under optimal conditions with evenly decomposed harvest residue.

The self-regulating straw harrow is hydraulically coupled to the chassis and therefore automatically raised and lowered together with the implement. Excessive accumulations of straw are easily prevented simply by briefly operating the chassis lift before reaching the headland to take loads of the harrow and ensure even distribution of collected straw. The harrow automatically folds towards the rear during transport and at the headland and provides sufficient clearance for the tractor. There is no need to extend the drawbar of the semi-mounted implement. A limited number of these straw harrows will be available from mid-2018 for semi-mounted Heliodor compact disc harrows.

Lemken will be in Hall 11, stand B42 at Agritechnica.


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