New low disturbance disc WAVE DISC system from Pottinger at Tillage-Live


Pottinger was promoting its new Wave Disc system for its range of trailed seed drills, developed in response to the increasing demand from North Western European arable farmers, at Tillage-Live.

The low disturbance disc option is specifically targeted at those growers who are operating in conditions where blackgrass is a problem. This versatile range of trailed drills has proven itself over more than 10 years in the UK and helped many growers achieve increased consistency of germination. The addition of being able to now specify a Terrasem drill with the low disturbance WAVE DISC system offers greater flexibility and an effective way to establish crops in seed beds that maybe prone to black grass.

The way profile of the leading disc tills a strip just 45mm wide ahead of the rear seeding double disc coulter assembly. Coulter spacing of 12.5cm or 16.7 cm can be specified with the latter being recommended for trashier conditions. Up to 120 kgs of coulter pressure applied hydraulically can be utilised and the Wave Disc system is available across the full range of models from 3 through 9 mtr working width.

Additionally, all Terrasem models and can be supplied as Fertiliser versions allowing the combined application of fertiliser via dedicated fertiliser disc coulters ahead of the seed coulters.
Fully Isobus compatible and variable seed rate ready Pottinger says the new Terrasem Wave Disc models offer great adaptability for the professional grower.


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