New MAAG drill to fight blackgrass in the UK


Ryetec, importers of the Italian manufactured MAAG direct drill, created a lot of interest from farmers looking for a tool to combat blackgrass at its recent LAMMA 2016 launch.

The MAAG SSP range of drills have been developed over the last 5 years to offer a simple but robust solution to practically any agricultural crop establishment situation;

The design incorporates floating disc coulters with individual pressure adjustment and depth control. Drill coulters are spaced with alternate rows at the front and rear of the drill frame to give maximum clearance to work in high trash conditions.  It gives an even distribution of the drills total weight across both coulter rows and with first-rate contour following characteristics, is designed to operate in all soil conditions.

A large 2500 litre capacity hopper, centrally mounted between front and rear coulters with single seed metering device for all seed sizes offers good distribution of weight to all coulters. The heavy duty frame has hydraulic folding (4 – 6 metre models) to 2.55 metres for road transport, and large centrally mounted low ground pressure wheels and drawbar with hydraulic raise and lower and adjustable depth control.



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