New McCormick X4C tractors feature spacious cabs


Apart from the GM compact and F Series orchard tractors, the all-new X4C models are the smallest tractors in the McCormick range.

Designed for applications that do not demand a lot of power but where light weight and compact dimensions are important characteristics, the tractors offer a choice of four power outputs.

Latest Deutz engines with good fuel economy and simple emissions control technology feature under the bonnet of the 64hp X4.20C, 69hp X4.30C and 76hp X4.40C. The 75hp X4.35C has a Perkins engine to the preceding emissions standard, which gives it a distinct price advantage while stocks last.

“The McCormick X4C design is unlike anything we’ve had in the range before,” points out McCormick product specialist Paul Wade at GB distributor AgriArgo UK. “These are thoroughly modern tractors with a great choice of features and specifications to suit different users and applications.”

Among those spec choices are two- or four-wheel drive; an open platform or modern driver’s cab; a Speed Four 12×12 or 16×16 creep transmission; synchro or power shuttle; and 2.7 tonne or 3.4 tonne linkage capacity.

Hydraulic resources are provided by a 49-litre/min gear pump supplemented by a 28-litre/min pump dedicated to steering – equivalent to a 77-litre/min combined system.

“The designers at Argo Tractors have given a lot of attention to the cab for the McCormick X4C tractors to ensure it provides a comfortable and practical workplace,” says Paul Wade. “It’s quite a challenge making a cab to fit a small tractor that’s in proportion but gives the operator plenty of space and good visibility – but the designers have achieved that.”

A narrow header rail creates a deep windscreen for maximum forwards visibility; full-size doors provide easy access with no ‘B’ pillars to interrupt the view to either side; and controls on the right-hand console are angled towards the driver making them easy to use.

The novel idea of housing the cab air filters in the rear pillars makes them easy to reach for cleaning and results in a slim roof panel for low overall height – the tractors measure just over 2.4m to the top of the cab on 16.9R30 rear tyres.

Prices for the range start at just £21,750.



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