New seed drill process available on Pottinger Aerosem PCS drill models


High cost effectiveness, versatility and convenient is how Pottinger describes its new Duplex seed drilling process available on its Aerosem PCS seed drill models. Using the duplex seed process, silage and corn maize is planted in double rows and yields can be increased by up to 10 per cent.

Pottinger says the Duplex seed process is an economical alternative to precision seed drilling. Maize can be planted with a companion crop or with direct fertilisation. You can use one seed drill for cereals and maize due to quick changes between seed types and you have direct control of the seed flow as well as the ability to monitor each maize row.

In 2015, the University for Soil Sciences in Vienna tested the duplex seed process and found the increase in yield recorded with silage maize was +11 percent and with corn maize +8 percent. In 2016, large scale tests were performed in Hungary, Austria and up to North Rhine-Westphalia (GER) and the Elsace (FRA). The results provided unequivocal proof say Pottinger that using the duplex seed process a significant increase in yield was achieved at all test locations.

In addition, it delivers an increase in performance of around +25 percent during planting thanks to the higher driving speed of up to 10 kph with an increased hectare output of almost 2 hectares per hour with 4 double rows (working width 3.0 metres). All the while with the highest level of precision because the seed metering system is running at half the normal speed.

Double-row drilling with the Aerosem also provides better erosion protection because it does not leave behind additional wheel marks.

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