New TopStirTM Shallow Disc for Proforge InvertaTM


At Lamma 2017 Proforge are showing their new TopStirTM disc blade option that can be fitted on their InvertaTM short-disc harrows.

Ben Whyles commented “ With the growing popularity of the Inverta worldwide has come a requirement for a blade with shallower working capability, to suit stale-seedbed creation. The 560mm TopStir disc blade has a full circumference of ground contact, with a decent angle of attack and concave ensuring everything gets moved at minimum working depth.

The new TopStirTM disc fits on the same SKF maintenance-free hub as the standard-issue 560mm Notched disc allowing for the potential to switch between blade types, depending on application. The InvertaTM with either disc has the ability to produce a fine tilth, thanks to its hi-speed capabilities, 12-14 kmh”.

The TopStirTM disc has lateral serrations 120mm up from the edge of the disc blade allowing the blade to wear down to 350mm diameter before it loses its cutting ability. The TopStirTM option costs £15 extra per blade, so typically adds £600 to the cost of a new 5 metre InvertaTM.

For working depths of over 40mm, and for a wide range of secondary applications including working down ploughing, Proforge will continue to recommend the Standard issue 560mm notched disc as fitted on all machines to date.



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