New tracks for John Deere combines


John Deere’s S & T Series combines are being updated and have totally new tracks.

The company claim the next generation of track systems will set new standards for the combine industry, offering 20 per cent more comfort, a 30 per cent larger footprint and 50 per cent more uptime.

On average the footprint is now 30 per cent larger compared to existing systems on the market. Due to a significantly longer track belt design, the 24in (609mm) track option for the S700 and T-Series combines has the same footprint as competitive 30in (762mm) versions, while transport width remains below 3.5m and is only 3.29m on the five-walker T-Series model.

Top speed is up to 40kph on all models, while ride comfort has been improved by an undercarriage with five pivot points. Measurements taken at the axles and the cab floor have confirmed a 20 per cent more comfortable ride compared to a competitive make.

Increased uptime is achieved by using four instead of three steel cord layers on the new tracks, while the track profile has also been improved, with the lugs now deeper and angled at 55 degrees. In addition, track durability has been road tested using a front-mounted eight-row maize header. With the combine running at a test speed of 40kph for seven hours a day over 20 days, the result was 50 per cent more durability than the previous design.

The tracks can be replaced by wheels if required for field work or to enable easier resale of the combine. Another feature is the triangular design with positive drive – in tough conditions the tracks lift up at the front and pull themselves out of the soil instead of digging deeper into it. Maintenance of the tracks is also very easy, as there are no greasing points and the transmission oil only needs replacing every 500 hours.


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