Patchwork unveils new BlackBox Air at LAMMA


Patchwork has launched its new BlackBox Air at LAMMA. Building on the existing BlackBox range this new product enables Patchwork to offer a complete guidance and area management system for under £1000. The starting price for the Air is £700 without a tablet and £800 with.

The BlackBox AIR uses tilt correction, GLONASS and GPS with EGNOS to obtain a true ground position even on rolling ground.

Patchwork are supplying the BlackBox Air with an Android tablet, but if you already have a tablet the AIR App will be available to download from the Google Play store.

As little as a 3 degree slope will create an error of 13 cm. By 10 degrees the error is a hugely significant 43 cm. Clearly, when operating on a slope without tilt correction, work can very quickly become highly inaccurate and a GPS system provides incorrect guidance. Irregular ground can compound the error further.

“Listening to what UK farmers want, we have continually updated our products to remain a genuine leader in the field of precision technology. With a proven record supplying GPS to the farming industry since 1998 Patchwork continues to develop new technology for farming.

When compared to products with like-for-like features, BlackBox consistently comes in at a lower price than others on the market but can match the performance of any of the higher priced competition.

Significantly, true ground positioning comes as standard on all our models but is an expensive option on many others. Without ground compensation any claims regarding accuracy levels are irrelevant,” says Sue Davies Commercial Director at Patchwork.

“Research shows that even on small farms, BlackBox will pay for itself within a relatively short period of time – leading to significant cost savings from that point on,” she added.



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