Perfect seed germination from Pottinger’s Aerosem


Pöttinger report its AEROSEM offers the highest operational flexibility and is in continuous operation during the spring planting season, for example working with maize today, soya tomorrow and cereals on day three

Arable farmers are impressed at how well and how easily the system works and in addition to the advantages of being able to handle such a wide range of crops, can also confirm perfect seed germination.

The drill is fitted with up to ten precision coulters for a row spacing of 37.5 cm or 75 cm, or only 12.5 cm on the AEROSEM ADD. Using the standard metering system with a distributor head add-on, fertilizer can be applied between the seed rows. Grass seed can also be drilled simultaneously, combined with individual seed drilling, to provide optimum erosion protection. With DUPLEX SEED, silage and corn maize is planted in double rows. In addition to increasing yield, it also increases output during drilling thanks to the higher driving speed. As a result, DUPLEX SEED is a real economical alternative to conventional precision seed drilling.

The distributor head with integrated double-wall tube system for internal grain return on tramlines is a guarantee that with cereals and small seeds the cross distribution values can be precisely measured – especially in the rows next to the tramlines – to ensure that seed density stays constant.

A great number of perfect coulter systems guarantee exact placement of the seed. The machine is available with 3 rows of Suffolk coulters, a single row or with DUAL DISC double-disc coulters. The Suffolk coulters are suitable for light soil with low levels of organic matter. A coulter pressure of up to 55 lbs / 25 kg can be applied to Suffolk coulters and single-disc coulters. The large DUAL DISC coulters cut right through surface trash to form a uniform, tidy furrow. Depending on the type of seed, the metering wheels can be exchanged quickly and easily.



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