Placebo pellets back by popular demand


With the 2018 ‘slug pellet season’ rapidly approaching, Adama is once again providing free placebo pellets to enable growers to calibrate their spreaders without the need to use live slug baiting pellets.

As farmers gear up towards the new season of slug pellet applications, it is important to ensure that all applicable spreading machinery is properly tested and calibrated: not only will this ensure slug pellets are applied accurately and evenly across the desired spreading width, it will also ensure applications are made in line with the relevant spreading guidelines and buffer zone regulations.

To enable spreaders to be calibrated and set-up correctly without the need to use live slug baiting pellets, Adama is providing a limited amount of placebo pellets: these ‘dummy’ pellets are a perfect copy of Adama’s Gusto 3, Carakol and Enzo metaldehyde-based slug pellets, but whilst they replicate the ballistic characteristics of these ‘live’ products, they don’t contain any active ingredient.

The placebo pellets are available in very limited quantities and will be distributed to growers on a first come, first served basis: to apply for a FREE 5kg bag of dummy pellets go to


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