Popular A to Z of cereal diseases gets refreshed


The encyclopaedia of cereal diseases has been around 10 years and has taken up residence in numerous tractor cabs, car boots and farm offices across the UK.

Originally put together with combined funds from AHDB and BASF, the essential easy-reference guide has been rebranded and dressed in AHDB’s colours.

Although the content has not been changed this time around, the new look makes it even easier to identify cereal (wheat, barley, oats, rye and triticale) diseases.

The publication lists both the diseases and the pathogens responsible. The diseases are ordered alphabetically by common name (including variants), from ascochyta leaf scorch to yellow rust. The pathogens are also listed alphabetically at the back of the encyclopaedia (alongside the common names), from Alternaria spp to Zymoseptoria tritici.

A simple glossary of technical terms can also be found at the end of the encyclopaedia.

For each disease, the pages are structured in a similar way. The common name features at the top of each page. A blue box includes the pathogen responsible and the hosts affected.

There then follows a more detailed description of the disease under the following headings: Hosts, Symptoms, Life cycle, Importance.

The publication can be downloaded today. Hard copies will be available to order later this year.


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