Pottinger introduce new Servo 45M plough series


With modern tractor designs constantly changing to include new implement geometics and increasing power- to- weight ratios, Pottinger has taken these new developments into consideration and the result is the new Servo 46M plough series.

These new, user-friendly mounted ploughs replace the previous Servo 45 models and have been especially developed for the 140 to 240 horsepower class. Pottinger claim it has significantly raised the bar in terms of flexibility and now offers a tailor-made solution for tractors up to 240 hp.

The new mounted reversible ploughs will be available in December 2017 as 4-furrow and 5-furrow models. These ploughs are offered as PLUS (with hydraulic furrow width adjustment), Nova (with hydraulic trip legs and a triggering pressure of 1,900 kg) and Nova Plus versions.

The hydraulic overload protection of the Nova trip leg system offers an adjustable triggering pressure of up to 1,900 kg to protect the plough against damage and ensure non-stop ploughing.

The new series is available with an inter-body spacing of 95 cm or 102 cm and an under-beam clearance of 80 cm, or 90 cm as an option.

The traction control expansion module enables the weight of the Servo 45 M to be transferred to the tractor. Transmitting force through the traction system optimises the ground tracking of the plough while applying a permanent load to the rear wheels of the tractor.

Wheel slip is minimised and fuel consumption reduced by up to 2 litres per hectare. In addition, harmful smearing of the rear wheels is reduced and the soil protected. At the same time traction control enables improved ground tracking and therefore a more uniform working depth compared to conventional systems, because the top link pin can operate permanently in a slotted hole.

There is also no need for ballast on the rear wheels of the tractor: a front ballast weight is enough because the weight of the plough is transmitted so that the rear tractor wheels are under constant pressure. There is also no increase in axle weight when driving on the road, as would be the situation with wheel ballast. .

The weight applied to the rear axle of the tractor is infinitely variable and can be adjusted hydraulically between 600 and 1,500 kg without leaving the cab.

The higher headstock with four-fold adjustable, category 3/3 or 3/2 through axles always ensures the right position on the tractor and the optimum lifting height. Four top link positions, two of which are slotted holes, add to the flexibility in mounting options.

The optimum setting system ensures the perfect set-up for all types of soil and the low draft of the Servo 45 M in all operating conditions. The furrow width of the first body and pulling point can be adjusted individually without affecting each other – a major advantage, especially with Servo Plus hydraulic furrow width adjustment, which guarantees 100 percent synchronisation of the first furrow width and the pulling point. No compensation or re-adjustment needed. Only a couple of adjustments are needed to ensure that the plough slices easily through the soil without crabbing.

On the Plus and Nova Plus versions an optional hydraulic frame pivoting system is available; recommended for the 5 and 6-furrow versions for the following advantages:

• tighter rotation funnel for more stability and greater ground clearance when reversing
• safer reversing (especially on slopes) by pivoting in – reversing – pivoting out
• lower load on tractor and plough.

With 100 mm less extension and a forward-mounted (mechanically adjustable) double depth wheel, Pottinger says the Servo 45 M is also perfect for fenceline ploughing.


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