Pottinger promotes traction control and Tegosem range at Tillage-Live


Pottinger promoted its Traction Control system and Tegosem range of cover crop seed broadcasters at Tillage-Live

“For years plough operators have often been frustrated in difficult conditions by increased wheel slip and damaging smearing of the furrow bottom. Added to this is the reduced output and increased fuel consumption which ultimately decreases efficiency of the whole operation,” said Shaun Groom, general manager of Pottinger.

In answer to this frustrating problem Pottinger offers it’s simple but effective Traction Control system that can dramatically reduce wheel slippage, by increasing traction and thus maximise efficiency.

This system acts by directly transferring load back to the tractors wheels from the plough via the top link. This is done whilst still maintaining use of the slotted top link hole on mounted models, allowing the plough to track changes in ground contour. Also in turn it ensures a consistent ploughing depth whilst maintaining the constant load, ensuring wheel slippage is kept to a minimum. A nitrogen charged accumulator allows for displacement of oil from the controlling ram whilst maintaining this loading regardless of movement of the top link pin in the slotted hole.

This constant loading of the tractor wheels also enables the operator to reduce the amount of draft control being used. This ensures the plough remains ploughing at a constant depth even when encountering compacted soil. As a result of the increased traction the tractor the can plough though these compacted areas offering a constant ploughing depth across the entire field. This constant ploughing depth is critical to aid good plant establishment, crop growth and drainage.

The system requires a single acting hydraulic service from the tractor, which controls the amount of load that is transferred back to the tractors wheels from the plough. The operator can alter this as conditions worsen or improve allowing the plough and tractor to be worked at its most efficient.

Pottinger also promoted the Tegosem range of cover crop seed broadcasters which have been added to the Pottinger range to meet the demands of customers looking to efficiently establish cover crops and other small seeds.

The bespoke design has been engineered to fit the Pottinger TERRADISC disc harrows and SYNKRO range of stubble cultivators.

A loading platform, steps with handrail and electric metering control allows for easy set-up, calibration and filling.

Hopper capacities of 200 and 500 litres are offered with a choice of electric or hydraulically power fans dependent upon model and working width.



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