Pottinger’s new mid-range plough at LAMMA 2018


Having manufactured ploughs for more than 45 years Pottinger has announced the arrival of its new mid-range mounted reversible plough for tractors up to 240hp. The SERVO 45M is available in 4 and 5 furrow versions presently with a six-furrow variant to follow later in 2018. This robust new model offers a host of features only previously found on larger SERVO models.

A generous interbody clearance of 95cm and point to beam distance of 80cm ensures any harvest residues or trash is buried with ease. Available in PLUS (hydraulic variable furrow width), NOVA (hydraulic auto reset) and PLUS NOVA (combined hydraulic variable width & auto reset).

The SERVOMATIC plough setting and adjustment centre allows simple and quick adjustment of the front furrow width and plough alignment. Optional hydraulic front furrow allows for easier adjustment in difficult conditions.
The turnover shaft on the SERVO 45 M has a diameter of 130 mm and the beam link is a cast, rather than being a welded component. This makes the design stronger from the headstock to the turnover shaft and plough beam. The proven inner beam reinforcement inside the plough beam increases the flexing resistance by up to 25 percent. This unique feature thus offers high strength and an extended service life.

On hydraulic variable width PLUS models the previous memory function when reversing the plough is now replaced. A straight forward alignment cylinder which vastly reduces the number of moving components during the reversing cycle is now available. This process involves moving the plough beam to a central position rather than shutting down and opening back up the furrow width during every cycle. Ultimately wear and tear is reduced extending the service life of the plough.

The Pottinger TRACTION CONTROL system is now available on this new model. Transmitting force through this simple hydraulic system optimises the ground tracking of the plough while applying a permanent load to the rear wheels of the tractor.

As a result, wheel slip is minimised and fuel consumption reduced by up to 2 litres per hectare. Additionally, any harmful smearing action of the rear wheels is reduced and the soil protected. All this can be achieved whilst still utilising the slotted top link hole position to allow the plough to perform effectively. The weight applied to the rear axle of the tractor is infinitely variable and can be adjusted hydraulically between 600 and 1,500 kg without leaving the cab.

A wide range of plough bodies are on offer with the bestselling wide furrow bottom 46Wc body accommodating a 710 tyre in the furrow with ease. Purchasers can select from a full range of plough accessories to suit their particular needs as required.


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