Unique design of Opico’s new EasyDrill gives it great versatility across range of ground conditions


OPICO is introducing two new trailed drills into the UK market following its appointment as UK distributor for French machinery company Sky-Agriculture. The innovatively-designed EasyDrill and MaxiDrill will be launched at LAMMA 2016.

Opico claim Sky Agriculture’s trailed direct drill – the EasyDrill is not only easy to set-up and use, but its unique design confers great versatility. It is suitable for No till, Minimum till, or Conventional drilling systems, and it is also an ideal choice for drilling into cover crops.

James Woolway Opico’s MD explains: “Although Sky Agriculture is a relatively new company, the design features of the EasyDrill have undergone over 25 years of development work and testing. So in just three years, the EasyDrill has already made a significant impact into the trailed drill market in France and Europe.

“Although the EasyDrill is classified as a ‘direct drill’, its design offers farmers a lot more: it is capable of working on consolidated ploughing, in min-till conditions, as a direct drill, or as a cover crop drill, and is equally at home in each environment.

“This versatility means farmers have the flexibility to adjust their drilling plans when the weather intervenes, or when they are forced to make rotational changes due to resistant Blackgrass issues.

“In fact, the design of the EasyDrill helps in the fight against resistant grass weeds like blackgrass as there is minimum soil disturbance. Also with less horsepower required, the use of smaller tractors reduces soil structure damage.”

In direct drilling conditions the 3.5 degree disc angle ensures minimum soil disturbance reducing the germination of volunteers and weed seeds. Furthermore, the carbide-tipped skim coulter keeps both the disc and the seed slot clean ensuring consistent seed placement. As the coulter is suspended between a rubber front roller and two rear metal gauge wheels the accuracy of seed depth is similar to that of a precision drill even when working on uneven soil.

On even the hardest of untilled soils, the EasyDrill can still be used as a direct drill, as it is designed to be able to apply up to 250kg of pressure through every disc.

“When used in minimum tillage and conventional drilling systems the EasyDrill’s front press wheel ensures that the soil which the seeding disc cuts into, is firm. This enables what was designed as a direct drilling coulter to outperform dedicated minimum tillage drills.”

Furthermore, in tough conditions the sharp disc with up to 250kg of pressure, makes light work of cutting through clods and seeding accurately. The rear angled press wheels then close the seed slot and firm the ground to ensure excellent soil-to-seed contact.

For drilling into cover crops, the EasyDrill is an ideal choice of machine: its press wheel and disc coulter combination allows it to roll down tall crops and slice through them, to place the seed accurately at the required depth. There is no need to mulch the cover crop before drilling, and there are also no problems with blocking, that may occur with other drills working straight into cover crops.

All models can be fitted with a second distribution mechanism for fertiliser, and a third hopper can be fitted for microgranule products and small seeds.


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