Prolan, a new natural protective lubricant, wins the Ivel Award for Innovation at LAMMA 17


The Witham Group’s new Prolan lubricant range won the Institution of Agricultural Engineer’s (IAgrE) Ivel Award for best new product and environmental innovation at this year’s LAMMA show. The product was also the overall LAMMA innovation winner.

Nigel Bottom, Witham Group MD commented: “We’re delighted to have won not only the environmental category but also the overall award for best new product innovation at LAMMA. Prolan is unique as it’s incredibly durable and protective against corrosion, yet completely natural and environmentally friendly. We’ve already signed deals to supply it to UK plant and machinery manufactures and distributors, and initial customer feedback is extremely positive”.

Alastair Taylor CEO of IAgrE said, “The judges said the product has multi industry worldwide appreciation for protecting against rust, corrosion and galvanitic attack. They were also impressed how it’s developed from agricultural waste and has huge potential for a wide range of equipment.”

“Agriculture is hard on machinery and constant protection is required from exposure to fertilizer, manure, pesticides and weather. Prolan provides long-lasting protection for farm equipment, keeping it lubricated to prevent breakdowns. It has been proven to extend the longevity of farm machinery and enhance resale value,” added Nigel.

The awards committee of IAgrE decided in 2007 that it would be fitting for the Institution to celebrate the name of Dan Albone and the memory of the Ivel tractor by making an annual award using the Ivel name for a new product or innovation which will have the most positive impact on the environment.

Ivel Award


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