Razorback RH500 mower and trailed harrow offer an attractive alternative to slug pellets and trash management


Managing trash levels and distribution in field post harvest have been made easier with the innovative design of a following harrow for the robust Razorback mower. With the mower taking care of stubble trash or grassland topping, the following harrow promotes better aeration of the surface layer by disturbing residue. Likewise in grassland the five rows of 24” tines with 6cm spacing move and disturb the lower levels of sward helping to breakdown organic matter and promote aeration. 

Seen as a potential alternative to slug pellets, disturbing the trash left in field helps reduce the risk of contamination in water sensitive areas. Additionally saving one pass to create a stale seedbed the harrow can be hydraulically set to increase soil contact and penetration. This in turn creates an environment for weed seeds to germinate and accelerated decomposition of surface material. 


The bridge link from the mower to the rake..

With a working width of 5m and transport width of 2.4m the optimum speed of the mower and harrow is 15 – 20km/h so high workrates are possible. 

The RH500 and trailed harrow received the gold innovation medal at LAMMA 2020 and more information can be found at their stand at 19.340


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