Red Dragon Flame Weeder showcased at Croptec


Woodbine Farms will showcased its Red Dragon at The CropTec Show 2017 last week.

If you are looking for eco-friendly, cost effective methods to manage your land, then Woodbine Farms believes flame weeding is the way to go.   Avoiding the use of chemicals and fuelled by safely contained propane, flame weeding is perfect for farmers looking for a no-till, environmental method to prevent the growth of weeds.

The Red Dragon Flame Weeder replenishes the soil with nutrients from the resulting carbon and encourages further crop growth. It has multiple applications such burning heavy weeds and brush, sterilizing animal cages and pens as well as removing waste and residues from metal, concrete and other non-flammable objects.

The VT 3-30 C Red Dragon range offers versatile and effective weed burners delivering a maximum of 500,00 BTU/hr with fuel consumption at 23.2lbs/hr. There are no chemicals with the flame weeding method and safety is ensured with the no drip or spill equipment. The advantages are evident and its accessibility makes it a universal tool for farmers of all sizes and cultures across the world.


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