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Crop protection specialists Rotam has appointed Dan Macdonald as their new marketing and product development manager.  He joins Rotam from Fram Farmers, where he was a  chemical specialist, managing the procurement of products for members.

Dan has always worked in agriculture, and his first job was on a friend’s arable and dairy farm, where he’s from in Harleston, on the Norfolk, Suffolk border.

“After working on the farm for two years, I developed a real interest and passion for farming, and went on to do a countryside management course at Easton and Otley College, Norwich, which covered environment and agriculture,” says Dan.

Dan’s first post after the course was looking after a 242 hectare arable farm, J M Blyth and Co, Suffolk, and come harvest time, he assisted with overseeing the harvest for a cooperative of three local farms, harvesting a total of 1619 hectares of arable crops.

From here Dan worked in grain logistics and planning for Frontier Agriculture Ltd. “I hope my experience has given me a well-rounded knowledge of the whole arable supply chain. Having been a farm worker, handling end product with Frontier, and working with crop protection products, I have quite a good grasp of the arable supply chain, crop chemistry, and where the Rotam product portfolio sits within this.”

Dan’s new role will see him establishing a firm understanding of the market and its future challenges, ensuring Rotam is responsive to the rapidly changing industry while meeting customer requirements.








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