Second hand machinery sales gross higher results


Lack of stock and favourable exchange rates for foreign purchasers has continued to drive up auction prices with Cheffins’ August sale grossing higher results than for the previous two years. The sale, which took place early August saw totals up 17 per cent on the same month in 2016 and 104 per cent on the same month in 2015.

Bill Pepper, Director, Cheffins, reports on the sale: “Harvest, holidays and the tail-end of hay-making all have a negative impact on what goes on in the yard and quite often August happens to be our quietest and slowest month of the year. Was August 2017 the same? Well, in a word “NO!” Despite having a more concentrated entry than previous auctions, the overall result was the best for an August sale since 2103 and continues the great run of auctions we’ve had now since the Brexit vote last year. Exchange rates obviously play a part but it’s the lack of stock which brought many a trader both from the UK and abroad to the auction to buy much-needed kit.”

“Some 260 tractors were consigned this month and strong trade was indicated early on as a 2007 Claas Arion 577 nudged £18,500 and £16,000 was made for a 2009 Arion 630. Claas latterly have really come into their own as buyers mostly from Hungary and Bulgaria snap up most of these marques whenever they’re entered. New Hollands this month enticed plenty of interest from a multitude of nationalities; a super-sharp TM125 attracted plenty of bids, finally selling to an Irish bid of £16,500; a 2007 TS13A with loader is destined for the same country for £24,000; home trade nabbed a 2010 T6050 Plus for £23,000; Spanish Euros bought a direct from farm and very presentable TG255 for £17,000 and a small but perfectly formed 2015 TD5.65 notched up £12,000 and staying in this country.

John Deeres this month were simply superb, superlative, brilliant, outstanding and whatever adjective one wishes to use. For the umpteenth month now, Deeres have been enjoying mammoth demand and we just about sold out of these green and yellow machines. Spanish buyers were strong but so too were some Polish, Dutch, Cypriot and UK purchasers. Top price was £54,000 for as 12 plated 7280R (UK); over £29,000 was paid for a well spec’d 2009 6830, (a cracking price (Poland); almost £40,000 was enough to buy a 2013 6190r (Cyprus); over £16,000 was paid for a 2002 6320 with loader and a 2011 5090M almost topped £23,500.”

“Contrary to recent years the machinery trade in the August sale was excellent. With harvest and holidays often affecting entries and the number of buyers at the sale, it was superb to have a good amount of items to sell. Hedgecutter trade was phenomenal with 22 under the hammer, over 80% found new homes with most flying past their reserves. Plough trade was on the up with a good amount of stock, Lemken, Rabe and Gregoire Besson examples all commanding good prices. Balers were still in demand with the middle range models selling well, a nice John Deere 578 example caused much bidding before eventually finding a new home at over £5000 and is staying within the UK. Trailer trade was still good, with well-known makes providing the stronger prices; Ifor Williams, Graham Edwards and A S Marston all having a good day.”


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