Soil Matters


Cereals will be putting soil matters in the spotlight at Cereals 2018 which is on 13th and 14th June at Chrishall Grange, Duxford, Cambridgeshire.

The Government’s 25-year plan for a ‘Green Future’ places significant emphasis on soil health. A range of techniques to manage and improve soil quality will be needed to meet ambitious environmental targets, all of which can be seen and discussed at Cereals.

This is why the 20m long and 1.5m wide Soil Pit is returning to Cereals 2018, staffed with experts from NIAB who can provide advice and demonstrate the impact of different cropping on soil health.

Elsewhere in the new agronomy area, Agrovista and Yara will demonstrate soil analysis techniques and technology. Whilst the Soil Association will discuss its Innovative Farmers network and the ‘field labs’ that are pioneering research advances.


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