Spanish Armada takes on the tillage challenge


Tillage magazine recently had first-hand experience of the Ovlac AV 260 5+1 plough in action.

Starting at the front this 2012 plough unit has a simple but effective Self aligning headstock by way of an “oscillating” lower link mechanism. This feature enables the plough to always run true resulting in lower draft requirement and longevity of wearing parts. As this feature requires connection to the tractor in an unorthodox way by having the tractor stabilizers rigid Mr Hosken has found other advantages, Preventing check chains snapping, an occurrence with a previous competitors unit. Setting the plough up straight behind the tractor is a requirement before locking the lower links, although a standard routine for any such tillage equipment. It also allows for flexibility on hitching up, with positive location of pins to ensure safety in transport mode.

The hydraulically adjustable front furrow provides a clean finish on the furrow, particularly with the wider specification tyres on the John Deere 6195R. The supply of 240hp up front with approximately 1000kg of ballast provided an ample source of power, and the option of attaching another furrow could easily have been accommodated.

The hydraulically variable width provides a range of furrow adjustment on the move between 12”-20”, with the Ovlac AV 260 operating at 16” when turning over the grass ley. At the headland turn the plough quickly returns to the 12” base furrow setting via the use of a hydraulic memory valve, and subsequent reset to return into work.

The plough beam is a continuous 150mm x 150mm box section, 10mm thick, weld free construction. In addition the beam design has no requirement for bolt holes at the end of the reinforcing supports where they are clamped , and all pivot points for vary width are externally bushed and lubricated which again prevents weak spots.

It can cover 12 hectares in a typical working day on traditional stubble land. A daily greasing schedule ensures the plough continues to operate trouble free and there’s little to find as an adverse comment with regards to this Spanish work horse.

Ovlac ploughs are supplied by Halse South West based near Honiton, Devon, who is the UK’s importer for Ovlac and can specify ploughs to suit the full range of tractor power outputs.

The full story will be in the harvest edition of Tillage magazine. The magazine is just £10 for 4 editions and you can subscribe at



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