Sulky launch new double disc drilling tool bar


Sulky has launched a new double disc drilling tool bar mounted on a parallelogram with press wheel. With a maximum pressure up to 50 kg per sowing unit, the Twindisc sowing line is suitable for folding sowing bars from 4 to 6m wide. It is available with row spacing of 12.5 or 15 cm.

Each sowing unit is equipped with an independent parallelogram and a press wheel for perfect ground contour following. Seeds are always placed at a constant depth. Sustained consolidation allows rapid and even emergence.

The pressure adjustment (up to 50 kg) is specific for each sowing unit. This action is performed without tools and without effort thanks to the carefully designed notched upper link that keeps the spring tensioned.

The centralized depth adjustment is accomplished easily by handle. A visual indicator allows precise control of the setting. The sowing line is linked to the power harrow roller, so its adjustment is completely independent of the soil tillage depth.

Each sowing line is mounted with an offset double disc. This produces narrow furrows which minimise soil disturbance regardless of the sowing depth. The seed trajectory has been carefully analysed to ensure precise deposits at the lowest part of the furrow using a “tobogganing” effect. A vent allows air pressure to be released between the two discs, so the seed drops by gravity and doesn’t bounce. The depth control wheels (fitted as standard) are flanged thus preventing soil overrunning on the row, especially at high forward speeds.

The Twindisc seed drill is designed without grease points and with double lip V-ring seals for improved integrity on moving parts. The joint pin, made of “Arcor” treated steel, has excellent wear resistance. Additionally, discs are mounted on double row ball bearings. Benefiting from these arrangements, the Twindisc sowing line is maintenance-free.


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