Tech helps enhance ploughing’s value


By progressively lifting and lowering bodies where land work meets the headland, Kuhn’s new Smart Ploughing system, unveiled earlier this year at SIMA, ensures soil is turned only once and weed seeds stay buried. That’s the key claim for the technology, which is now available on the firm’s Vari-Master L on-land fully-mounted ploughs.

By using GPS-recorded headland marking and a plough design incorporating bodies that are automatically lowered sequentially into work one at a time, and raised the same way when meeting the headland, Kuhn claims Smart Ploughing not only neatens and outs at the headland mark, but also means stubble that’s buried stays buried, along with any weed seed buried with it.

Compatible with either shearbolt or hydraulic reset versions, the system can also be specified to include auto-width adjustment and the ability to lift a rear furrow out on uphill work in difficult conditions, before reverting to a full complement when coming back down. The four-, five- and six-furrow Varimaster L ploughs also feature a new one-piece headstock and skimmers which can be adjusted without tools.

Also from Kuhn for 2020 is a new 6m folding combination drill, which blends the new BTFR 6030 coulter bar with the firm’s HR 6040 RCS power harrow and 1,500-litre (extendable to 2,000-litre) TF front hoppers. A new 3m Sitera mechanical box-type range, meanwhile, can be equipped with Suffolk, double disc or parallelogram-mounted Seedflex double disc coulters. Other drill news includes a new software development for Kuhn’s Maxima 3 precision drill with electric metering, allowing it to modulate seed rates row by row according to ISOBUS terminal-loaded soil variation/seed rate maps.

Meanwhile, there are also new 4/5/6m mounted folding models for Kuhn’s secondary/stale seedbed Prolander four-row tine cultivator range, and new 9m and 12m versions of the Optimer L disc cultivators.


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