Thinking about Catch Crop Application?


Austrian company APV is advising growers they need to increase the variety in cultivation, catch crop seeding between the main crops and in order to avoid crop rotation diseases, growers should choose mixtures without seeds of the same plant family than the main crops. Ideally, these catch crops are seeded during tillage, so the seeds can be worked in the soil.

The company is promoting its Pneumatic Seeder machine as they suggest depending on customer requirements the seeder is the best choice available with hopper capacities from 120 to 1600 litres.

In addition to the seeding of catch crops, APV seeders can apply nurse crops and grass reseeding. It is also possible to spread fertilisers with the fertiliser edition of APV. For this purpose, the products have a noncorrosive coating and stainless steel parts.  To find out more about the company’s range of products go to



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