Topcon Agriculture introduces new SI-21 Lightbar for enhanced guidance


Topcon Agriculture has launched the SI-21 Lightbar, designed as a cost-effective, user-friendly product designed to complement manual guidance, providing users better visibility of steering corrections needed to stay on line.

“The SI-21 Lightbar can be installed remotely by the operator, supporting manual guidance with a better view of needed corrections,” said Nicola Finardi, Topcon Agriculture vice president of Solutions Strategy Development.

The new Topcon Agriculture SI-21 Lightbar includes an integrated graphic display featuring the swath number, cross track error, speed, area covered, area remaining, and the master switch status — all designed to track performance for improved efficiency.

The SI-21 Lightbar provides operator feedback via LEDs as well as a graphics display. It offers high-visibility even in bright, sunny daylight conditions and LED brightness is independently controllable. One of the SI-21’s most important benefits includes offering a straight-ahead or “heads up” view for the operator to steer by, while allowing for a more desired, offside location for the console.

The new SI-21 Lightbar is compatible with the entire Topcon Agriculture X-Family of displays including the X14, X25, X30 and X35 and offers optimal operator visibility separate from the console.



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