Tramline water flow device unveiled at Cereals


A tramline water flow disrupter device designed to take care of water erosion on tramlines has been launched by a newly formed company called Lland Ho Ltd. The company owned by Robert Holland was formed specifically to bring the device called the Earthwake to market.

The patent pending device employs screw flight which cuts into the soil, spanning each individual tramline wheeling, leaving a diagonal channel returning water from the compacted wheeling to the crop and reducing soil erosion from run-off.

Eathwake has a large diameter, long pitched screw flights rotating in a three point linkage mounted frame. The implement is simply drawn along the ground – just like a roller.

Having worked in agriculture for over 30yrs and the water industry for nearly a decade Robert Holland, Founder & CEO of LLand Ho LtdTM, said, “The fact that loosing soil, nutrients and pesticides to water courses has a big impact on the cost and security of water supply may not be the biggest concern for farmers up and down the country, but what should be is the fact that through soil erosion they are losing their main asset – soil, along with high value inputs and the threat of losing pesticide actives available in their armoury because it is ending up in ditches, rivers and eventually in drinking water abstractions” said Mr Holland.

“With a forward speed of up to 12 km/h the Earthwake™ should take less time to cover a field’s tramlines than spraying or fertilizing it. Depending on soil conditions at time of treatment, the drainage channels should last the length of the crop.” Holland added.

A fundamental part of the design is the screw flight positioning to create a pattern of drainage slots that carry water away from the wheeling and so that performance is not affected by field slope and no water is carried to the other wheeling or drainage slot. With Eathwake™ a drainage channel is created every 2.3m, so the accumulative water flow energy and volume is prevented. Each channel handles a small amount of water – the created channels are designed to divert 190ml/min, equal to approximately 10mm of rainfall in 1 hour.

The reduction in water travel distance will reduce the number of tramline water logged areas in those low spots and help wheelings dry that much quicker. The Earthwake™ can be used in any crop grown on a flat seedbed with minimal crop damage as the Earthwake™ cuts into the soil and gently moves it to one side with minimal heave or excavation.

Lland-Ho Ltd™ advise that the best use is after the first autumn spray programme is complete – to protect soils from the winter rainfall.


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