UK‟s first ever No-Till Show and Conference 30 June in Hertfordshire


Groundswell Agriculture is organising the UK’s first No-Till Show and Conference held in Hertfordshire on Thursday 30th June 2016.

The show is a new farming event, designed by farmers for farmers to educate and inform the industry about no-till techniques and soil regeneration in arable and mixed farming situations.

“Our aim is to make farmers better farmers by exploring the ways they can protect their greatest asset, their soils” says John Cherry, the Host Farmer.

The event, which has Profi as their media partner, is being held at a working no-till farm within a mile of the A1(M) in Hertfordshire. Groundswell and The Farming Forum are putting together the day with field scale demonstrations for direct drills and a conference with speakers sharing their experiences from around the world.

Speakers lined up include Dr Jill Clapperton from the USA and Sarah Singla from France, sharing their international viewpoint to the benefits of looking after your soil. There will also be a host of UK farmers sharing their experiences, including, Jeff Claydon, Ian Pigott, Steve Townsend, Tom Chapman, Mike Donovan and Charles Dowding.

Attendees will witness the UK‟s first ever demonstration of the rainfall simulator from the USA, demonstrated by Bud Davies (its inventor) which gives an insight into the very different results that 2” of rain can have on a range of British soils.

There will be an opportunity for farmers to „bring your soil‟ and have it assessed in comparison to others.

There will be field scale direct drill demonstrations from: Claydon Drills, Dale Drills, Great Plains, Prime West (Cross Slot), Ryetec, Mzuri, The Tuckwell Group with their 750A, McConnel, Simtech T-Sem and Sumo.

There will also be mob stocking demonstrations showing low input/high output grazing and the effect it can have on soil fertility on permanent and arable pasture situations.

The event is aimed at anyone with an interested in improving their soil and tickets are available now from the Groundswell website –



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