Vatra builds gold plated N Series tractor


Valtra is putting the finishing touches to a golden N Series tractor that will be used to promote the range this spring at events and exhibitions throughout Europe. Customers will also be able to order the same Unlimited specification for their own tractors.

The N174 won the ‘Golden Tractor for Design 2016’ at Agritechnica last year. Specially equipped, the tractor can be identified by its bright golden graphics, tinted windows and golden award logos on the side window and Unlimited decals on the door hinge. The interior of the cab features a brown leather wrapped steering wheel and seas and a dark gray carpet.

Launched in the second half of 2015, the N4 Valtra has proven to be a very successful model series and the company has a reputation for its customized tractor concept, allowing customers to choose from hundreds of features and options.

Introduced in 2013, the concept Unlimited has been very successful. Today 10% of Valtra tractors are sent to the Unlimited Studio, where Valtra technicians modify and install the features or amenities specified by customers

While early Unlimited tractors were mainly supplied to the Finnish market, the Studio Unlimited is now available in over 20 countries worldwide. All features and equipment installed in the Unlimited Studio is fully compatible with Valtra models, they come with a full factory warranty and are supported by Valtra spare parts services.



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