Weaving Machinery’s new GD Drill at LAMMA


Weaving Machinery has been working in partnership with Lincolnshire farmer Tony Gent over the past 3 years to develop a new patented GD coulter, to achieve a disc coulter design that will satisfy all drilling systems.

The new GD coulter provides low soil disturbance, has a very low draught requirement of 40HP per meter along with a long service life. The major advantage of the GD Drill is its adaptability to satisfy all drilling systems, soil types and conditions. This provides users with the flexibility to approach zero-till alongside traditional crop establishment methods..

The principal behind the GD coulter design is based on a double disc arrangement, mounted on a 25° angle off the vertical which is able to pivot around a central kingpin mounted within the coulter body.

The larger leading outer disc cuts an opening slice in the soil whilst the smaller inner disc is in effect undermining the ‘upper’ side forming an opening for the seed to be placed precisely. This process removes side wall compression from the opening slot making slot closing more effective and consistent.

The lifted wall of the soil is firmed down onto the seed by a single press wheel. The press wheel also acts as a depth regulator for the disc coulters. Drilling depth is adjusted by moving a single pin through a bank of holes with a depth range of 0-130mm in 15mm increments.

Coulters are individually pressurised by a hydraulic system providing up to 200Kg of downwards pressure helping to maintain consistent contact with the ground and follow contours and undulations. This refined design aided by an inter-row clearance of 1,000mm has resulted in a coulter that is able to work in extremely trashy conditions and cover crops without creating an opportunity for hair-pinning to arise. This system can be used on all cultivation systems and soil types.

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