Yara demonstrating range of precision tools and services at LAMMA


Yara will be demonstrating its range of precision tools and services available to help simplify fertilizer decisions on farm and in field at this year’s LAMMA.

Tools for nitrogen management:

The Yara N-Sensor forms part of the Precision Farming solution offered by Yara, alongside Yara N-Plan and Yara N-Tester, as a solution to real-time variable rate nitrogen applications by adjusting rates according to crop growth whilst travelling across a field. As a result the N-Sensor is designed to deliver precise levels of input according to the crop’s requirements helping to both reduce environmental effects whilst maximising potential profit.

Yara smartphone apps:

Yara ImageIT is an app to measure nitrogen uptake in a crop and generate a recommendation based on photographs.

Yara CheckIT uses  a library of crop photographs to give a simple and fast identification of nutrient deficiencies.

Yara TankmixIT checks for the physical compatability when tank mixing Yara crop nutrition products with plant protection products.

Yara DiscoverIT quickly finds information and advice on Yara fertilizers and crop programmes.

To talk to YARA about the N-Sensor or any of Yara’s other Tools and Services then visit them in Hall 2 Stand 218.



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