Zetor celebrates 20 years of the Forterra tractor


Zetor Tractors AS is celebrating its 20th birthday and since 1998 a total of 21,500 Forterra tractors have been sold to 55 countries.


To mark the occasion ZETOR has launched a competition called “21,500 stories; what’s your story?” All Forterra owners can take part in the competition by sending interesting stories and photos to Zetor.


The Forterra model range began in 1998 and the name originates from merging two words: FOR and TERRA (terrain), which Zetor says describes a robust tractor suitable for difficult terrain.


It was based on the tractors from Unified Series III, the first prototypes of which go back to 1974. Originally, Forterra had a metal bonnet which was replaced by a plastic one in 2000. 2018 is a breakthrough year for the model with innovations including hydrobooster brakes and air brakes and front suspended axle on the HD model.


“The Forterra model range is characterised by its robustness and power. The creation of Forterra meant covering the demand for such type of tractors on the markets worldwide. The jubilee is a good proof that the decision was right, the Forterra has been with us for 20 years. We appreciate the interest of its owners and we believe that the innovations will attract even more fans, and the tractor will be here with us for many more years,” says Marián Lipovský, Managing Director, ZETOR Tractors AS.


New models to the range – the CL and HSX were launched early this year and the HD model will be be launched early autumn.

The biggest innovation on today’s Forterra range is the ECO 40 transmission which keeps the engine of the Forterra HSX and HD in optimum revolutions (1,750 rpm) at higher speed (up to 40 kph). This enables the tractors to save on operation costs by up to 18 % depending on its work role.

The models are further equipped with a new dashboard and higher pressure in cabin, which prevents particles of dirt from entering the cabin.

Fans and owners of the tractors can send their stories with photos no later than May 5 to Zetor’s facebook page. The following day Zetor will publish an album with the 10 most interesting stories. Subsequently, fans will have the chance to vote for the 5 most interesting stories whose authors will win valuable prizes. For more information about the competition, visit ZETOR’s official Facebook profile.

The company is also getting ready to celebrate 50 years of its Crystal model range. The celebration begins this autumn with the launch of the new Crystal HD. The significant milestones in the history of the Czech tractor manufacturer Zetor come at a time when the Czech Republic is celebrating 100 years of independence.


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