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Get down into the soil profile and eye-to-root with cover crops at this years Cereals event.
The Soil Pit, a 4m wide x 8m long, 1.2m deep trench cut through four cover crop mixes, is an impressive new feature, sponsored by NIAB TAG and Rothamsted Research, designed to help visitors understand how to use cover crops to best effect. A sub-soiler will also be on show for a direct comparison of soil restructuring techniques.
“The use of cover crops has become increasingly popular,” observes Event Director, Jon Day. “They offer much more than their soil structuring capabilities. If used effectively within rotations, they can help build and retain nutrients, help soils withstand weather extremes through the accumulation of organic matter and the creation of bio-pores, and contribute to effective weed control.
“With experts on hand conducting guided tours, growers can learn how to select cover crop mixes most likely to alleviate their particular structural issues, compliment their nutrient management plans and improve their soils resilience to floods and droughts.”
Cereals will once again feature working demonstrations of cultivation machinery, and with leading manufacturers side-by-side there is no better place to assess the latest innovations, says Mr Day.
There are lots of exciting developments in cultivation equipment, many of which will be on show for the first time at this year’s event.
“Great Plains are launching the Centurion CDA 400 Grain & Fertiliser Drill,” reveals Mr Day. “Kverneland is introducing the new NG-H Evo rigid power harrow, and, Cereals will be the first public demonstration of the Brock 24.5m rolls.”
Dale Drills also has a string of new developments – including a new harrow to help crop emergence, a link arm drawbar to improve manoeuvrability and a deeper tine setting to assist drainage – they will all be seen for the first time at Cereals 2016.
Cereals 2016 will take place on the 15th and 16th June at Chrishall Grange in Cambridgeshire. Tickets are on sale now.
For more information about the new product launches at this year’s Cereals event and to purchase tickets, visit www.cerealsevent.co.uk. For regular industry insight sign up to the Cereals eNewsletters at www.cerealsevent.co.uk/newsletter.

Machinery & Working Demonstrations

Machinery & Working Demonstrations


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