Dale Drills to unveil a string of new developments at Cereals 2016


Dale Drills has enhanced the options available on all its drills – with a string of new developments that will be seen for the first time at Cereals 2016.

The improvements include a new following harrow to help with crop emergence, a link arm drawbar to improve manoeuvrability and a deeper tine setting to assist drainage.

The Lincolnshire manufacturer, which specialises in direct drills, will also be displaying its recently launched 12m Eco-XL alongside a mid-range 5m Eco-M. The later will be fitted with a new following harrow that can be equipped with two rows of tines.

The attachment is available in all working widths and creates a more level surface after the drill has passed, ensuring a more even emergence of crops and – if rolled after drilling – more consistent firming.

Use of the following harrow will also ensure a better distribution of crop residues – preventing ‘lumps’ from inhibiting plant growth and harbouring slugs.

Operators have the option to drop one row of tines if necessary, or leave the attachment completely lifted out of work. The angle of the tines is adjustable using a simple and quick pin and hole system with 10 different positions.

The Eco-XL will be equipped with a new link arm drawbar, which enables users to hitch on to the drill using the lower link arms of their tractor, ensuring a much tighter turning circle and improving manoeuvrability on headlands.

Link arm drawbars can be retro-fitted to existing drills or can be specified as an option on new drills.

A new deeper tine option is also available for all drills, which can be set to run three inches below where the seed is placed to create a drainage channel and loosen the root zone for ‘lazier’ rooting crops such as OSR, helping the plants establish more quickly.

An angled plate prevents the seed from travelling to the bottom of the channel but the coulter can be mounted lower on the leg to place fertiliser further down or sow larger seeds at a reasonable depth.

James Dale, who runs Dale Drills with his brother Tom, said: “We’re always looking for ways to enhance our drills and these new options will further increase their versatility – ensuring our customers benefit from truly low cost crop establishment.”

Both the Eco-XL (available in widths from 8m-12m) and the Eco-M (available in widths of 3m-8m) utilise tried and tested technology to excel in direct, min-till and conventionally prepared seedbeds – making them hugely versatile and cost effective.

Low weight per metre ratios lead to minimal rates of soil compaction and a suggested horsepower requirement as low as 20hp/m, using less fuel and saving money.

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