DUCAT disc harrow in demand across Ukraine, Europe and the CIS states


The DUCAT disc harrow made by Ukrainian company LOZOVA MACHINERY is proving hugely popular in the Ukraine, Europe, and the CIS states.

“LOZOVA MACHINERY is a trademark tursted by many overseas farmers, said Eduard Chudopalov, Sales Director of FEA.  We successfully compete with the world agricultural engineering leaders and this year we have presented the machinery to the Canadian and Croatian markets for the first time.”

The DUCAT is also in demand among German, Czech, Polish and Baltic farmers,” added Mr Chudopalov.

“This year we have been able to expand LOZOVA MACHINERY presence in Ukraine, particularly in the east, central and west regions, says Olga Babkova, Marketing Director of the Agricultural Division. We conducted the largest-scale Field Day of LOZOVA MACHINERY this year and held a  big Demo-tour, where we demonstrated the implements to over 10 regions of the country. DUCAT disc harrows are the most popular implements among our dealers, partners and customers.”

The line of DUCAT disc harrows also includes harrows with working widths from 2,5 to 16,75 metres. The reliable, efficient and functional machinery is adapted for Ukrainian and foreign farmers’ needs.  The implement is suitable for small as well as large farms. The complex and unique design is suited to all soils and it can easily cope with complex, rocky, droughty and wet soils.

For optimal rolling, the harrow can be equipped with changeable rollers of different configuration, which include tooth, rubber, pack ring, U-shaped and standard cage rollers.


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