Exclusive unveiling of new products from Grange Machinery


Grange Machinery will be launching two brand new machines at LAMMA 2020 that will further extend their current product range.

Showcasing on the stand will be a new 6m Low Disturbance Loosener which will be the widest machine they offer in the LDL range to date. This will be a central hydraulic folding machine with x12 hydraulic front cutting discs in front of each low disturbance leg (x12) followed by x2 mounted packers. The machine is a progression from the very popular 3m & 4m LDL machines. The 6m option has been designed for farmers who are wanting a wider machine to cover ground more quickly and who are needing to remove compaction in the 7-10” zone. The machine will have a split seeder hopper and platform mounted at the show to promote the machine’s versatility and the ability to be used for establishing OSR and Cover Crops.

The second machine on show will be a 3m Close Coupled Toolbar that is purpose built to be used with maize, sugar beet and OSR drills such as the Vaderstad Tempo, Monosem and many more. This machine has been developed after listening to farmers who are wanting to establish maize and sugar beet in a tighter time window and are wanting to move away from a plough-based system to more of a strip-till route with their existing drill.

The machine is also PTO ready and can be used with any mounted or trailed implement that is powered through the PTO.

Grange Machinery are very much looking forward to the show and hope for a good response to the two new additions to their range.


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