KRM introduce new Sola Ares-P drill range at Cereals


Soladrill Ares-P is a new seed drill range introduced by KRM Ltd of North Yorkshire to meet the demand for both high output, low cost crop establishment drilling later in the autumn into stale seedbeds and the move to more spring drilling.

The Ares-P is a tractor mounted seed drill with a strong space frame chassis to save weight, allowing use with a lower horsepower tractor saving costs and reducing overall weight on the seedbed.

Sowing widths of 4m, 4.5m, 4.8m, 5m, 6m and 6m66 are available to match tractor and tramline width requirements and it folds hydraulically to 3m for safe and fast transport between fields.

A new feature of the Ares-P is a large 1800 lt capacity hopper, which is pressurised with a sealed lid to ensure a consistent and even seed flow to the metering unit from hopper full to empty, on level seedbeds or when working on slopes.  The seed distribution heads and all pipework are outside the hopper so can easily be checked even if the hopper is full.  No pipework in the hopper means easier access for filling and fast, easy cleaning when changing seed type or variety.

The Sola developed metering system, providing rates from 2 to 400 kg/ha is electrically driven with ISObus control of all functions of the drill including 2+2 tramline shut-off and monitoring of forward speed, fan speed and hopper seed level.  The drill is ready prepared for auto on/off section control at headlands and for variable seed rate.  Both left and right half width shut-off is available as an option which can be controlled manually or by GPS section control.

A new calibration system, conveniently placed at the front left of the drill, enables the operator from one initial calibration to quickly and accurately set the desired sowing rate. Simply pressing a button activates the metering to collect an amount of seed and entering this into the ISObus, the metering unit is then automatically set precisely to the rate required.  A high speed airstream carries the seed from the metering unit to each coulter and is provided by a hydraulically driven fan.

The Ares-P is available with Elite tine coulters and 125mm spacing mounted in three or four rows to give a large stagger and allow the free flow of residue to minimise blockage in min-till or in cloddy or stony conventional seedbeds.  Alternatively a double disc coulter with two 350mm staggered flat discs offers positive penetration and precise seed depths control with minimal seedbed disturbance, even at high forward speeds.  Overall sowing depth is set by a central adjuster, working through a parallel linkage.

A heavy duty following harrow with staggered tines leaves a level, firm seedbed finish.  The harrow tines are adjustable in angle to be aggressive or shallow to suit seedbed conditions.  Large 400mm diameter, rear fold disc markers provide a clear mark for accurate bout matching in difficult seedbeds and incorporate a safety break back system.

Optional equipment includes an integrated cultivator before the coulters to initially loosen and level the seedbed using two rows of auto rest tines which are staggered for trash clearance. Also available are pre-emergence markets and electric half width shut off.

The price for the drill, which was shown for the first time at Cereals is £30514 for the 4m model.


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