Later Sown Crop Options for Spring 2020


High rainfall and saturated soils are leaving many growers wondering what they can profitably sow in spring 2020. At Lamma this year Premium Crops staff will be on hand to discuss the range of high value, specialist and added value arable crops in the Premium Crops portofolio.

In autumn 2019 Premium Crops set up a number of Monitor Farms to track the progress of Winter Linseed and HEAR crops through the season. Each of the three locations has been set up with a Sencrop weather station to track rainfall and temperature, and all three sites saw  around 300mm of rain in just three months from 1st of October to the end of 2019.

Such high rainfall and saturated soils are leaving many growers, who didn’t manage to sow last autumn, wondering what they can profitably sow in spring 2020.

Later sowing puts pressure on the yield potential of many crops and fear of a corresponding later harvest puts growers off choosing many of the more conventional options.

With many opting for spring barley, prices for that commodity will inevitably be under pressure next autumn.

Short season crops, suitable for sowing from mid-March onwards, could still allow some stale seed bed control of persistemnt grass weeeds and, because they are grown for a specific market, offer added value prices too.

Staff will be available to talk about crops such as:

Spring Linseed – with a sowing window from early March to early May, harvest dates in late August into September and some of the highest market prices seen in the last 6 years!

Naked Oats – Also sown in March and harvested in August / September, Naked Oats contracts are available now with prices starting at £180 per tonne.

Red Wheat – from a March / April sowing Red Wheat varieties, like ‘Faller’, have a growing season that is up to two weeks shorter than their conventional couterparts. Red Wheat trades at prices well above standard UK feed and breadmaking wheat, regularly in the range £180 – £250/mt.

Canary Seed – Grown for the UK birdseed market, Canary Seed is another March / April sown, short season crop that harvests in August  / September. Demand is high, so contracts for spring 2020 are offering some of the highest prices ever.

Visit for more information or visit the stand No. 11.514 at Lamma 2020.



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