LOZOVA MACHINERY develops new disc harrow


LOZOVA MACHINERY has developed a new disc harrow, the DUCAT-9 with a working width of 9 metres. The implement will become a continuation of DUCAT line, which has proved itself in the Ukraine and other overseas markets. In 2018, disc harrow was recognized the best-seller agricultural implement of Ukrainian agricultural production.

The DUCAT-9 has a number of updated features.  The advantage of the disc harrow is an optimized system of side working frames folding, which differs from the previous versions. The shipping dimensions of the implement are 3 metres in width and 4 metres in height.  This model has the same working discs diameter of 566 mm, the load on each of them is 100 kg, which helps to improve considerably the soil tillage quality.

The disc harrow is adapted for a system of changeable rollers of various types, including cage, tooth, U-shaped, rubber, pack ring rollers. Depending on soil-climatic conditions and agriculture type, the farmer can equip the disc harrow with any kind of rollers.

In addition, the DUCAT-9 is easily maintained due to the improved hydraulic system. The implement may be coupled to a 300hp tractor.

“LOZOVA MACHINERY always works on the implements park updating. In the nearest two years, the company plans to introduce 10 new products to the market, among which new positions as well as the continuation of the existent model range”, – Aleksey Grinenko, Chief Designer of Ukrainian Design Bureau of Transmission and Chassis (UKBTSh), reports.

“The first showing of the DUCAT-9 will be at the international agro-industrial exhibition Grain Tech Expo and the disc harrow will go on sale this summer,” said Mr Grinenko.



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