New Cirrus 6003-2C drill working for the first time in the UK at Tillage-Live.


AMAZONE’s Cirrus 6003-2 Minimum TillDisc drill uses 460mm boron steel corrugated discs to cut through trash.

These discs cultivate a 15mm – 20mm wide micro-band of cleared tilth into which the seed is placed.

The company says this moves significantly less soil than conventional discs, which minimizes weed and volunteer germination.

With crop rows 16.6cm apart, it points out that most of the seed-bed – and any weed seeds it may contain – is left undisturbed.

The drill can be offered without any cultivation unit at all for growers working in pre-prepared seedbeds, with the drill able to sow seed and fertilizer, or drill two different seeds simultaneously.


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